Outside the Manor

The session began with Nimble alone in a room and the rest of the group back with Pockets. Pockets had run out of his supplies of healing ingredients, meaning the group would need to rest for a few days. Fortunately, nimble had a weeks worth of supplies and he never missed his sanity saving throw. But Aeo had ruined her armor and wanted to get it fixed. So the group decided to head to the keep.
On the way to the keep, they were attacked by a group of Orcs riding large pig like animals. The orcs were carrying bows and spears, and looked quiet formidible. The group managed to escape to the keep grounds safely. The group found the village to be agitated over the orcs. It seems the orcs had hung a wood cutter for having trespassed into their territory. The man could be seen hanging from a tree, just 100 yards across the boundary line. Sherriff tall nadnhis hands full keeping the villagers from attempting to attacks the orcs. But the boundary and treaty was created in the first place to keep the peace. The good sheriff argued that the orcs had the right to police their territory any way they wanted.
At the keep, Aeo repaired her armor and with Sherriff Tall’s advice paid two silver bars to the Orcs for safe passage back through the forest.
The group arrived back in the manor, and started exploring more. They found more portraits and continued to remain fascinated with the magical properties of the portraits.
Between the potions pockets was able to put together and eugenes woodcrafting, the party was able to return to full heal and return to the mansion.
They met Eden, a bent old woman who they later found to be an ancient old woman. Ava learned some things about her history. It turns out, Eden knew Ava when Eden was a little girl. At that time, Eden was about the same age she is now. Ava,s name is melita valon. It seems vas clan had
The group met the rest of Eden’s clan, and met a group of pilgrims as well. One of the pilgrims, Bob, took the group to see the Oracle and the Ancient library. Here the group found out about the Bard school located across the plaza from the library. They returned to the manor in hopes of finding enough treasure to send everyone back to school.

IMPORTANT META GAME: We made an appointment for the Oracle and when we each go to see the Oracle, we will be able to choose what she tells our character. The way you do so is by choosing a song that will represent your situation. HOWEVER, be aware of any negativity in songs, because those are bound to happen as well. So choose wisely. :]


Colossus Colossus

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