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Treant Clan School
Alignment: Ice
List of Treant deities

Treants, or Twiggles, are shepherds of the forest. They continually roam among their wooded flock, tending to the trees and forest life. They require nothing more than a stretch of land to be happy, and they rarely own possessions and never trade goods. Ents preserve their history in the form of songs that take hours to sing, and in their spare time they often compose new verses for current events to add to the old songs.

Humans sometimes encounter Ents in the woods, but these lonesome creatures are mistrustful of all humans except druids and the occasional ranger. They are a dour, patient, and (to human eyes) dull race, but an Ent’s anger is terrible to behold.

Ents have the torso of a gnome and legs double the length of a humans, and their stride length makes them the fastest race by far. They become taller as they grow in level, and the most powerful Ents are over twenty feet in height and fantastically strong. Their position as guardians of the forest and their impressive physical presence gives them great political sway among other non-human races.


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