Temple Training

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Colossus temples look like a combination of Greek temples and medieval cathedrals rather than the corner churches of our own world. Colossus politics revolve around the three pillars like the early medieval world: aristocrats (fighters), church (clerics), and peasants. (Some Colossus societies include the Bourgeois and tradesmen as a fourth pillar.) The soldiers and producers of the world see the aristocrats through the lens of the church and interact with their leaders through the office of the local clergy as much as the local tax collector. The concept of separation of church and state would puzzle a colossus inhabitant as much as the concept of a daily newspaper.

Clerics form the perspective or world view of the people around them, leading people to believe in a world view that celebrates both the king and the untouchable.

Clerics can choose to become Paladins; special warriors trained to fight demons and astral beings. A character becomes a Paladin immediately after finishing grade six of either tournament school or temple school as long as they are at least sixth grade of both. This means a 7th level fighter than finishes sixth grade temple training immediately becomes a Paladin, or that a 6th level temple graduate that finishes sixth grade tournament training immediately becomes a Paladin.

Grade Ability Notes
1 Turn undead Cause undead to immediately retreat
2 Identify Deity Chance to identify characteristics of deity, demonic, or angelic artifacts/ powers. Also lets the user sense the presence of any of these. 10% per grade.
2 1 hit dice roll Gain more hit points
3 Charm Person Like 1st level magic user spell
4 Detect Astral Being Chance to see Invisible Astral beings. 5% per grade.
4 1 hit dice roll Gain more hit points
5 Speak in Tongues Chance to Speak in or understand foreign language, lower degree of separation. 10% per grade.
6 1 hit dice roll Gain more hit points
6 Detect charm or gees Chance to determine if person is under influence. 10% per grade.
7 Remove Curse Like 3rd level Cleric spell
8 1 hit dice roll Gain more hit points
8 Mass Suggestion Like 6th level Illusionist spell. 5% per grade.
9 Close Gate Chance to close open portals to other planes. 5% per grade.

Temple Training

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