The wiki pages supply background details the characters in the campaign would likely know or can easily find out. This can also help fill in details about an adventure for those that were absent. There is also a lot of information on house rules if you are interested.


The Ox Plains support both Human and Non-human nations. The human nations huddle along the Junt River and Ox River, and generally stay away from the non-human nations living everywhere else on the continent. Humans are unique in their system of individual classes, alignments, and dieties. Earth Elves (aka Wood Elves or Earth Benders) dominate the central Ox Plains with their massive stone cities. A peaceful clan of Aquatic Elves live around Emerald Lake, the source of the Emerald River nestled in the Emerald Downs. Nomadic Gnoll tribes also roam throughout the plains. Gnome clans thrive around the Emerald Downs. Several Halfling shires claim portions of the Yellowtail swamp, prime lands for their gardens and tobacco. Ents roam portions of the Deep Woods, and Dwarves mine underneath the Troll Spires. Large groups of Kobolds, Orcs and Ogres share the Deep Woods and Troll Spires as well. Trolls and Giants are common in the Troll Spires.


Almost all of the human settlements are found in the wide, fertile Ox Plains, and the Junt River is their largest artery there. It has its headwaters in the Crystal Canyons of the Troll Spires, flows through the Ox Plains, the Yellowtail Swamp, the Salty Mire, and finally ends at the Cantor Sea.

The characters live in the Roustein city state, a collection of 6 cities roughly the size of England located in the wide Ox Plains. (See Maps) Of these 6 cities, the characters live closest to the city of Maldon. Further to the south, the Duchy of Fernwell conducts trade across the Cantor Sea. To the northeast, Nealor remains somewhat isolated from the other two human strongholds in the land.


Humans are the new-comers to the Ox Plains, slowly trickling in from the great human empires on the west side of the Troll Spires. At first only fugitives and reckless, powerful adventurers tried the dangerous journey. But as settlements started to grow, more down-and-outs from the empires started to brave the Crystal Canyon rapids to the isolated little kingdoms. Eventually three states emerged, Blackstone, Fernwell and Nealor.

Despite the constant threat of invasion from non-humans, fighting between and within the states was common. Two hundred years ago the capital of Blackstone was overrun, and the duke of Roustein took control of the area. To this day, much of the former kingdom remains hostile to humans, as the Orcs that dwell there prize humans for their challenge as hunted prey.


Each of the three kingdom/duchies is arranged in a feudal structure with land owners swearing fealty to higher-up land owners. While the highest ranking lord technically rules ALL of the land, the local rulers hold the majority of the power within their domain. This ranking system is represented by a character’s prestige ranking. Prestige is largely determined by birth, but players can improve their prestige by attending Finishing School.

Because the king of Blackstone was killed in the war, the Veiled Duchess is the highest ranking lord in Roustein and exerts power over the surrounding cities. The alliances and enemies of these groups of people are constantly shifting under the weight of a feudal government. There are two territories forged into the Roustine City State: the territory of Roustine and the territory of Epstein. Both were originally territories ruled by Dukes under fealty to the Obsidian Throne and managed to survive by forming a cooperative alliance. However, the threat of human and non-human raiders has always been the key ingredient holding the alliance together.

House Rules

The campaign is NOT based on DnD version 3.5 or version 4, because in my opinion these editions are over-focused on combat. Download Microlite75 for a short rule book similar to our home brew rules. Character class rules form the main difference between microlite 75 and home rules. Challenge Rules provide additional options for characters beyond combat.


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