Political Skill

See also Character class rules

Political skills and Mechanical skills (See Challenge Rules ) have the same game mechanic, based on rolling dice to move along a grid. With Political Skill, large movement is better than smaller movement – the opposite of what is desired for Mechanical Skill. With each political round, the player rolls the dice and adjusts the opponents reaction accordingly. Combat rounds or charm spells performed by other players could also be impacting the opponents reaction at the same time. For example, if one player successfully attempts to inspire fear in the opponent and three other players kill members of the opponent’s party at the same time, the opponent’s reaction will move toward fear from both the political and combat outcomes.

The grid at the right shows the opponents reaction. Generally the opponent will NOT start at the 0,0 location, but will have a disposition toward the party members based on racial tendencies.

Id Reference Other’s reaction toward you Typical Action
A1 -12, 12 You are a lost child Protect, Nourish
A2 -12, 6 You are like a puppy dog Care
A -12, 0 Highly edible like a chicken Kill and Eat
A3 -12, -6 Edible like a squirrel Kill if hungry
A4 -12, -12 Pest like a rat Eradicate
B1 -6, 12 You are like a brat adolescent Ignore, Protect
B2 -6, 6 You are like a dog or pet Ignore
B -6, 0 Highly edible like a cow Butcher
B3 -6, -6 Edible like a goat Butcher if Needed
B4 -6, -12 Like a skunk Avoid
1 0, 12 Respected human, Matriarch Bow, Honor→ Serve
2 0, 6 Equal human Greet
Origin 0, 0 Lower caste human Command
3 0, -6 Foreign Race Threaten→ Entrap→ Attack
4 0, -12 Hated Race Back stab
C1 6, 12 You are a policeman Respect
C2 6, 6 You are like a guard dog Cautiously Avoid
C 6, 0 Horse, Bull Manage
C3 6, -6 Boar Battle or Avoid
C4 6, -12 Spider Defend, Kill carefully
D1 12, 12 You are like a king Salute, Grovel
D2 12, 6 Crime Boss Pacify and Avoid
D 12, 0 Dragon Flee, Get Help
D3 12, -6 Shambling Mound Kill if possible, flee, run away
D4 12, -12 Lich Escape, avoid

Points scored against wise or intelligent targets get divided by 2 or 3

Relation Baby Teenager Woman Man Deadly Hopeless To Kill is
Same Race A1 B1 1 1 C1 D1 Murder
Pet A2 B2 2 2 C2 D2 Criminal
Domestic A B 0 0 C D Butcher
Domestic A B 0 0 C D Butcher
Wild A3 B3 3 3 C3 D3 Messy
Pest A4 B4 4 4 C4 D4 Helpful

Political Skill

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