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The Order of the Silver Falcon was founded when a young, valiant priestess discovered a holy sword in the bowels of a ruined church in her homeland. Determined to strike back at the demonic forces that had destroyed her country, the priestess dedicated herself to fighting the mighty, malevolent forces of evil that sought to sway the world from the pits of hell. Though she sacrificed her life to this endeavor, The Order of the Silver Falcon sprang up to continue her legacy. Belonging to no territory, race or political faction, The Order seeks above all else to keep the foes of goodness at bay.

The ranks of The Order of the Silver Falcon are filled with righteous astral warriors known as Paladins. Only those who have reached 6th grade in both Temple Training and the Tournament Guild are given the opportunity to swear into The Order.

Paladin’s Quest

Upon completion of 6th grade in both schools, a worthy character will be sent on a quest to kill a demon from one of the evil astral planes. The demon can be of any type or any strenth, but it must be fought by the character alone. If the player completes (and survives) this task, they are awarded a Holy Weapon, Immunity to Fear, a Charisma Bonus, and invited to join The Order of the Silver Falcon.

Holy Sword
When a Paladin first slays an evil astral being, the weapon that deals the final blow becomes imbued with holy power. When the weapon is unsheathed and held by the Palidin, it exudes an aura in a 1 foot radius that dispels magic and protects from lower planar forces. It shines faintly in any dark place, and when held aloft the brightness increases to that of a continual light spell. The weapon only has these powers when wielded by its Paladin.

Immune to Fear
When a player ascends to Paladinhood, they are blessed with total resistance to all fear-based attacks, be it from a spell, a wand of fear, a creature’s attack, or undead. The presence of a Paladin’s steadfast bravery also means that all others exposed to the same attack will make their saving throws at +1.

The blessing of the gods that grants Paladins their supernatural powers also shines through their demeanor. This causes the charisma of a Paladin to increase by 3.


For each grade that a Paladin advances in The Order of the Silver Falcon, the character gains skills equal to one grade in both Temple Training and the Tournament Guild. Thus, Paladins advance at double pace in terms of both abilities and Challenge Skills.

Challenge Skill Points

Each grade of The Order of the Silver Falcon gives the Paladin 2 Political Skill points and 5 Combat Skill points.

Because the Paladin class encompasses both temple and combat schools, for abilities based on the level of the character, grades gained in both combat and theif schools count towards the total. For example, a Paladin that completes 1st grade in The Order of the Silver Falcon has a total of 13 Paladin levels, 6 from combat, 6 from temple training, and 1 from The Order. Also, if the Paladin advanced further than 6th grade in either school before becoming a Paladin, they do not learn repeated abilities twice.

Grade Ability Description
Holy Sword Weapon dispels magic, protection from evil, continual light, see above
Immune to Fear See above
Charisma +3 bonus
1 Remove Curse Three times per day remove curse or cursed armor
1 Precision +1 to the critical damage multiplier
2 Mass Suggestion Suggestion to # of people with total HD = Paladin’s lv
2 Strategist Full party a +1 bonus to hit and saves after 3 rounds or surprise
3 Close Gate Open or close a pre-existing portal once per week, 5%/lv chance of success
3 Block Chi Disables opponents class abilities on successful non-missile hit
4 Commune Ask deity 3 yes or no questions per day
5 Astral Travel Transport up to 8 people into the Astral Plane once per day
6 Astral Allies Chance to summon a number of good astral beings to your aid, see table below
Roll (d100) Being Number Appearing
1-8 Foo Dog 2-8
9-16 Foo Lion 1-4
17-24 Moon Dog 2-8
25-32 Opinicus 1-2
33-40 Lammasu 2-8
41-48 Greater Lammasu 1-2
49-56 Shedu 2-8
57-64 Greater Shedu 1-2
65-72 Ki-rin 1
73-80 Agathion 1
81-85 Astral Deva 1-3
86-89 Planetar 1
90 Solar 1
91-100 None


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