There are two more races of creatures. These races don’t get along with humans at all: the giants and the dragons. With these races, we have taken further liberties in order to continue the elemental nature of the world. With giants and dragons, each race falls easily into an elemental group. But not so much with Orcs, Ogres, Hobgoblins, and other humanoid ‘monsters.’ So, to keep things tidy, we have grouped these humanoid races with dragons along elemental lines.

Element Dragon Lair Breath HD Affinity Humanoid
Air Blue Desert Electric 8-10 Hyena Gnoll
Air Silver Clouds Frost 9-11 Wolves Goblin(1)
Earth Stone Stone Sleep 12-14 Weasel Kobold(0)
Earth Brass Desert Sleep, fear 6-8 Bugbear(3)
Fire Gold Stone Fire, chlorine 10-12 Boar Orc(1)
Fire Red Mountain Fire 9-11 Ape Hobgoblin(1)
Water Bronze Water Electric, gas 8-10 Locathah(2)
Water Mist Water Blinding 9-11 Lizard Lizardmen(1)
Ice White Ice Frost 5-7 Ogre(4)
Magma Copper Desert Acid, slow 7-9 Qullan(2)
Ooze Black Swamp Acid 6-8 Boggle
Smoke Green Woods Chlorine 7-9 Flind


Giants are more like humans than the Orcs and Ogres are. Giants don’t typically cooperate with dragons.

Element Giant Lair Intelligence HD Affinity
Air Cloud Air Very (11) 8-14 Blue Dragon, Silver Dragon, Goblin, Gnoll, Hyena, Wolf
Earth Stone Mountain cave Average (9) 8-14 Stone Dragon, Brass Dragon, Kobold, Bugbear, Weasel
Fire Fire Castles Average (8) 9-14 Gold Dragon, Red Dragon, Orc, Hobgoblin, Ape, Boar
Water Storm Water Exceptional 9-15 Bronze Dragon, Mist Dragon, Lizard Man, Lizard
Ice Frost Artic Average (8) 7-12 White Dragon, Ogre
Magma Mountain Mountain Cave High 8-10 Copper Dragon, Qullan
Ooze Hill Swamp Low (7) 6-12 Black Dragon, Boggle
Smoke Fog Air Very (11) 7-12 Green Dragon, Flind


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