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Wiki pages are organized into five topical groups: Game Mechanics, People, Politics, Geography, and Plot. This is to make finding information about a specific question easier. To get back to the Table of Contents, simply click on the Wiki tab at the top of the page. If you are more interested in getting a general summary or clicking around, click here for the ‘back cover summary’ of the Roustein world.

Game Mechanics

The links bellow are all related to the nuts and bolts of our house rules. The other four categories have to do with the fantasy world itself. If you want to create a new player character or advance your current character, look here.

Join the Game We welcome new players. Each player starts by generating their own character.
Challenge Skills The five Challenge Skills are the core of the technical part of the game. Playing monopoly means moving your game piece around the board to buy properties or pay rent. Playing this games means exploring, combat, negotiation, mechanic work, or distractions; these are the Challenge Skills.
Character Attributes Want to learn about the ingredients that go into building a character? This link will take you to pages that detail picking a character race, class and alignment.
Schooling So you want to level up! Characters can attend many different kinds of schools to gain new skills and abilities. Click here for information about the different schools.


The world of Colossus is filled with many different races of people and creatures. Humans, Elves, and Short Ones are all playable characters, while Monsters are frequently encountered. Click on the links below to learn more about them.

Humans The most common player character.
Elves There are four kinds of elves, Grey, Drow, Aquatic, and Wood.
Short Ones Four different races are lumped together in this category: Dwarves, Treants, Gnomes, and Halflings.
Monsters The different kinds of dragons and giants are detailed here.


What’s a roleplaying game without some good ol’ fashioned intrigue? This section details the human social structures in the world of Colossus.

Political Structures This link will take you to information on how human socieities are organized in general.
States and Cities This section gives details about specific political entities in the Colossus world. The Maps tab above is also a fantastic place to look for information on this topic.


Geography Click here for information about the physical landscape and topographical features of Colossus. Again, the Maps tab has extensive visual information about the geography of Colossus.


Plot Missed a session? This section gives players information about places that the group has already visited. For a blow-by-blow account of past sessions, see the Adventure Log tab above.

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