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Humanity places its hope in the machine schools, because humans look medieval in contrast to the elven cities and society. Machines were introduced to humans by the gnomes, who use metal and magic to construct devices far more elaborate than any human could. Humans who specialize in machines are known as tinkers, and they are especially sought out for their ability to build traps.

At machine school, pupils study under expert mechanics and build their own machines. As they advance in grade, these machines become more and more complex. They are expensive to build and have limited fuel, so each machine can be used a limited number of times before the owner needs to find more power. In addition to building and keeping machines, students at machine school gain special abilities. The numbers listed on the table are the minimum d20 rolls needed to succeed.
Links to Machine Levels: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9

Grade Key Armor Operate Explore Trap Haul
1 19 20 Telescope, Winch Oil, Trip Wire Wagon
2 20 18 19
3 20 16 18 Ears, Climb, Drill Lock, Clam
4 19 15 17
5 19 14 16 Rabbit, Shooter Needle Lg Wagon
6 19 13 15
7 18 12 14 Drill, Walker, Hut Arrow — –
8 18 11 13
9 17 10 12 Scope, Ears Pit Crane
10 17 9 12
11 17 8 11 Wings Bomb Robot
12 16 7 10
13 16 6 9 Hover Magic Magic
14 15 5 8

Trap key is the chance that the tinker has studied this particular kind of trap and knows exactly what key it needs to open—in fact, they have it in their backpack. If this roll is successful, the mechanic automatically disables the trap.
Repair armor is the chance that a tinker can use supplies on hand to fix broken armor without having to get materials or a specialist.
Operate is the chance that a mechanic can, without instructions, figure out how to properly use some kind of unknown machine.

As a tinker goes up in grade, they gain new machines. Every other grade the tinker also gets a chance to invent a new machine. The complexity of the machine is limited by the grade of the tinker, and any invented machines have to be approved by the GM.

Level 1 Machines

Telescope, Rope Winch, Oil Flask, Wagon, Trip Wire


This machine allows the user to see distant objects at five times the magnification. It otherwise doesn’t alter sight, for example, creatures with infra-vision will still see in infra-vision while looking through the telescope. A human trying to look through a telescope at night will probably be able to see very little.

Rope Winch

This machine, when clipped onto a belt, will lower the user safely down a rope at double their climbing rate. It looks like a cross between a carabiner and a can opener.

Oil Flask

This device is a fragile glass bottle filled with highly flammable oil with a wick sticking out of the top. When the wick is lit, the bottle can be thrown onto an enemy and they will be doused in burning oil. Does 1d6 damage.


This is a collapsible wagon that can move by itself. It is rather small and can carry only 500 pounds of weight. It looks like a little metal wagon with a complex system of gears on the underside.

Trip Wire

This simple trap consists of a strong, see-through wire stretched across a hallway. Anyone not moving at an explore rate will trip over the wire and take one round to get back up. Of course, once the presence of the wire is known would-be victims can simply step over it.

Level 2 Machines

String Ears, Climbing Hook, Wood Drill, Omni-lock, Bear Trap

String Ears

This machine is two cups attached by a string. Someone speaking into the cup at one end can be heard through the cup at the other. The benefit of this machine over a children’s toy is that the string doesn’t have to be pulled taut to work. It looks like two metal cups with many knobs attached by a long, thin, silvery string.

Climbing Hook

This machine can be set to climb a certain distance up a surface and attach, allowing the user to string a rope from it. It has a 60% of gripping to the surface plus 5% per level. It looks like a cross between a huge caterpillar and a staple gun.

Wood Drill

This machine will drill through non-magical wood at a rate of 1 foot per round. It is very loud, will only work if it has a solid grounding, and requires someone with strength of 15 or higher to crank it.


This machine allows the user to lock any door. If the door has a regular lock, it will imitate the key the same way a lock picking machine does and cause it to seal. If the door has no lock, the machine will manually seal the doors together. This machine looks like a spindly metal spider.

Bear Trap

This large trap can be hidden under a thin layer of debris. It consists of two flat jaws that are chained to a stake driven deep into the ground, When it is triggered, the powerful jaws will snap shut for 2d6 damage. Additionally, any creature smaller than giant size will be stuck in the trap until it is released.

Level 3 Machines

Pea-shooter, Rabbit Shoes, Large Wagon, Needle Trap


This machine looks like a large metal Nalgene water bottle with levers on the sides. It is used for hurling projectiles like oil, climbing hooks, and missiles twice as far as they can normally go.

Rabbit Shoes

These shoes allow the wearer to jump as if a jump spell were cast on them. The shoes can be used three times before they need to be recharged. They are adjustable three sizes bigger or three sizes smaller than the owner of the shoes. They look like a pair of short, springy stilts.

Large Wagon

This wagon is much larger, self-propelled, and covered. It can carry 2,000 pounds of weight, and the cover can be pulled all the way over the wagon to keep its contents completely dry.

Needle Trap

This trap requires the assistance of an alchemist. The trap consists of a poisoned needle hidden inside a lock or hinge that will stab anyone who tries to open it. The higher level the alchemist, the more potent the poison will be.

Level 4 Machines

Automatic Stone Drill, Walker, Auto-hut, Arrow Trap

Automatic Stone Drill

This machine will drill through stone at a rate of 1 foot per round. It is a large machine and requires a 3 foot x 3 foot square of ground to operate. It works without any external power.


This machine is a pair of long stilts connected by an intricate system of gears and hydraulic levers. They give the user the same movement rate and ‘stepping over stuff’ power of a fifth level Ent.


This machine is a collapsible igloo made out of wire, folding metal plates, and magnets. Ten people can squeeze inside, it offers some protection from enemies, and it heats itself.

Arrow Trap

This machine is a trap that the user can set up on any flat surface. It has different setting to be triggered by different mechanisms, eg. light or a tripwire. Once the trap has been set, the user can’t get it back without either disabling the trap and potentially breaking it (50% chance) or until it is set off. It fires three arrows that each does 1d6 of damage. This machine looks like a miniature mechanical lawn chair with arrows slotted along the back.

Level 5 Machines

Night Scope, Remote Ears, Crane, Pit Trap

Night Scope

This machine elevates the telescope to a pair of high-tech goggles that allow the user to see in the dark as well as magnify their vision 5×.

Remote Ears

This primitive walkie-talkie allows for two-way communication with no wires in between. It works over 200 feet, less if stone is in the way.


This machine can lift up to 3,000 pounds of weight, either by a cable or like a jack. It looks like a square, many-legged spring with lots of internal wheels.

Pit Trap

Though it requires a deep pit to work, this trap is deadly and effective. It is set off whenever weight is placed in the middle of the false cover, and the cover will collapse. The victim will then fall, taking 1d6 damage from the fall and 2d8 damage from the spikes that line the bottom. Once the cover falls it will not automatically reseal itself.

Level 6 Machines

Fairy Wings, Fragment Bomb, Robot, Gas Trap

Fairy Wings

This fantastic machine, when donned, allows the user to fly freely. It does not work well at high altitudes, and the heavier the user is the slower and more labored its movement is. It looks like a sturdy backpack made out of light fabric, but it has several antennas sticking out of the sides. The wings folded up inside are made of a frame of fine wire and a single, humming coil of a strange metal.

Fragment Bomb

Remote detonated, this bomb erupts with shrapnel that does 4d10 damage to any creature within the 50 foot blast radius. It explodes with enough force to bury shrapnel in concrete.


Gas Trap

This trap, when triggered, will fill the room with whatever gas an alchemist has put inside of it. It is best used in a room with little ventilation, as the effect of the gas will be maximized.

Level 7 Machines

Hover Car, Ethereal Goggles, Armored Duck, Magic Trap

Hover Car

This cart can carry up to 1,000 pounds of weight. It has collapsible padded seats, a retractable roof, compartments for storing breakable, light-sensitive, and secret items, heating, air conditioning, and multiple cup holders. It is a sleek, cup-shaped vehicle with an array of delicate coils arranged on the under side.

Ethereal Goggles

Armored Duck

Magic Trap

This sinister trap requires the assistance of a magic user. This trap allows a spell to be stored inside the trap, and when it is triggered the magic will be released at its target.

Machine School

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