List of schools

Characters don’t pick a class as much as they attend a School (in the fine Harry Potter tradition). This doesn’t preclude them from being a cleric or fighter or any other class, to do so they would simply focus on the single school. But only humans can attend any of the schools shown, demi-humans attend clan schools and have no choice in the skills they learn.

The way Character class rules (Comparison Chart) are handled represent the major difference between the Microlite rules and our specific homebrew. Schools provide both challenge skills and class abilities (like spells, turn undead, etc.). When a character goes up a life force (maturity) level (10 challenges / level human, 15 elf, 20 other), they can choose to attend any school they have been accepted into as long as they can afford the tuition. A character must always start in first grade and move sequentially to higher grades within each school.

However, getting accepted into a school is more complicated than just filling out paperwork. Some schools are too difficult for first-level characters, and some you can’t get into until even fourth or fifth level. Fourth tier schools require pupils to achieve 6th grade in two first-tier schools as well as complete a quest. The schools are divided into four tiers of difficulty. Generally, the higher the tier the more expensive it is to attend and the more powerful the abilities gained are.

Tier One

Machine or Tinker School

Fantastical traps and machines can be built in the world of Roustein. A tinker excels in the art of building machines, disarming traps, and unlocking locks. Unfortunately, Tinkers don’t excel at finding traps! Rich landowners and merchants frequently hire tinkers to build traps and locks to frustrate thieves.

Temple Training

Temples provide education and guidance, serving as the fore runners of our colleges. The deity worshipped in the given temple sets the agenda and topics for the priests. Priests do not get spells, but they do gain abilities over anti life creatures, also known as the undead. Priests also gain skills as orators and the ability to influence others with their words and actions. Priests benefit from high charisma scores.
00 00 00 00 00 12 Political Skill (2) Prayer Empowerment

Thieves Guild

Thieves are people who specialize in stealth, spying, and exploration skills. To become a thief, a player would need to attend a thief’s guild. Thief guilds are secret societies designed to provide services to aristocrats and clergy while hiding the underworld and the thief temples to individualism and Kurell. Thieves benefit from a high wisdom and are usually cynical jokesters. Thieves should be masters of the sting, setting up circumstances that create advantage and reaping rewards without resorting to direct combat (like the movie the Italian Job). Thieves are trained to pick pockets, find traps, climb walls, etc. Common pursuits are picking pockets or lifting valuables, especially information.

Tournament Guild

Fighters train at tournament schools. Fighters combine with the other entry schools to create special classes: Paladin, Ranger, Steampunk, and Ninja.
12 00 00 00 00 00 Combat Skill (5)

Woodcraft Training

Wood craft skills provide ranger and druid skills and spells. However, these things are gained through communion with virgin forests. To gain spells, a druid requires time to commune with one square mile of healthy, untouched, virgin forest per spell level. No other druid can be drawing power from this expanse of land. This means high level Druids must have access to large, remote or restricted, healthy forest lands. If a wood cutter disturbs the forest or a fire burns a portion of it or a tribe of humanoids move in, the Druid becomes impotent.
13 00 14 00 15 00 Exploration Skill (2) Woodcraft Knowledge (L)

Tier Two

Alchemist Guild

Alchemist Guilds exist in semi-secret locations in large urban cities and cater to the rich under the table. However, alchemists can also be found in castle cellars of Dukes or Bishops. Alchemist guilds are not found outside of large cities where they reside in warehouses or cellars. A successful alchemist has a high constitution ability score.

Alchemists can create healing potions as well as poisons, dividing the class into two sub classes, hospitalliers and assassins.

Disciple Training

Monks learn psionics in monasteries. A monk requires a minimum intelligence of 15. Monks are monastic aesthetics who practice rigorous mental training and discipline in order to harness the power of the mind to communicate through the ethereal and manipulate at the cellular level.

Monks tend to be social outcasts, making it difficult to obtain monastic training. Society fears higher level monks. Since monks refuse to deviate from specific monastic practises, they typically display distinguishing characteristics which makes their presence in crowds and urban areas self destructive. Their refusal to wear more than loin and chest wrap serves as one of the primary distinguishing characteristics.

Quest or Crusade

The gods favor those who have demonstrated allegiance and dedication through quests or crusades. Those characters successfully completing a quest gain cleric spells and other favors from the gods.
00 00 12 00 00 00 Combat Skill (2) Prestige

Tier Three

Bard Schools

Bards sing, tell stories, and cast illusions. The Bard replaces the traditional illusionist. Bard training allows legend lore and love songs abilities in addition to casting illusions. Bard are also very good at creating diversions and distractions. A successful Bard has high ability scores in intelligence, dexterity, and charisma. A bard must serve in a temple prior to being accepted into bard school.

Mystic Schools

Mystic schools train characters how to cast powerful magic spells. However, spells are considered taboo in society, making these schools as mysterious and their graduates are powerful. Generally, a mystic school finds the student rather than the student finding the school. Most often schools set up legendary tombs or chambers to test the abilities and mettle of explorers and accept only those individuals that pass the tests. A mystic must attend alchemist school prior to being accepted into a mystic school.
00 12 00 00 00 00 Distraction Skill (2) Mystic Spell Empowerment (L)

Finishing School

Most of human society functions in a feudal government. Higher level players can seek to swear loyalty to an existing aristocrat and obtain their own lands. This requires training at a finishing school. Successful aristocrats need high charisma ability scores.
00 00 00 00 00 12 Political Skill (4) Prestige

Tier Four

The Order of the Silver Falcon

This school trains Paladins, astral warriors with combat skills, temple training skills, and unique abilities. Players must have completed 6th grade in both Tournament and Temple training and also completed a special quest to join.
12 00 00 00 00 00 Combat Skill (5)
00 00 00 00 00 12 Political Skill (2)


Rangers are tamers and subduers, fighting powerful creatures without destroying them. In this school Rangers are taught both combat skills, woodcraft skills, and given druid spells. Players must have completed 6th grade in both Tournament and Woodcraft training as well as a special quest to join.
12 00 00 00 00 00 Combat Skill (5)
13 00 14 00 15 00 Exploration Skill (2)
Woodcraft Knowledge (L)

Jeter Martial Academy

Graduates of Jeter Martial Academy are known as Steampunks, and they are trained in war machines and combat. In order to be accepted, players must have completed 6th grade in both Tournament and Machine school as well as a special quest.
12 00 00 00 00 00 Combat Skill (5)
00 00 00 12 00 00 Mechanical Skill (4)
Machine Empowerment

Fifth Wind Dojo

Ninjas are trained in the legendary Fifth Wind Dojo, where they learn combat techniques, theif abilities, and unique skills. In order to be accepted to this school, players must have completed 6th grade in both Tournament and Theives Guild and well as a special quest.
12 00 00 00 00 00 Combat Skill (5)
13 00 14 00 15 00 Exploration Skill (2)

List of schools

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