Distraction Skill

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Distractions can be used when an opponent is surprised or when the character is fleeing. A distraction causes the opponent to look the other way, or to get up and leave, or just remain distracted. Gandalf used distraction when he rescued Bilbo and the Dwarves from the trolls.

Distraction resembles combat: a player becomes proficient with a given tool set. Proficiency increases the chance of success and certain tools are better in given environments than others. Successful distraction removes the opponent from the area for the given length of time. Distraction can also be used when fleeing an opponent to redirect the opponent elsewhere. Once the opponent is gone, the player can pass through the area, follow the opponent, or search for goods left behind.


The ability to successfully act like the opponent.


Non-guard, neutral participants – like women and children in a room.


Guards in smaller groups.

False attraction

Non-intelligent animals

Distraction Skill

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