A New Character

So you're a new player! What should your character be like?


These are the steps that you should follow to make your own new character! This character will be your avatar through the game, so put some thought into it.

1. Roll for your abilities


2. Decide your race

Are you going to be a human, an elf, or a non-human? Humans are the most basic and most flexible race to be. They level up the fastest and can become the most powerful characters, though they are weaker at the beginning. Elves level up slower than humans, and can only reach half the maximum level humans can. There are four different kinds of elves, and each one aligns with a different element. Non-humans level up the slowest, and they can reach higher levels than elves. Non-humans gain multiple class abilities.

3. Arrange Abilities

Next it’s time to decide what to do with the numbers you’ve rolled. There are six different abilities, Constitution, Strength, Charisma, Dexterity, Wisdom and Intelligence. If you are a human, these scores will affect which school you can go to and what class you can be, so look at the different options and decide which one seems the most interesting! If you are an elf or a non-human, your abilities are already set to a degree, so this step isn’t as important.

4. Decide alignment and deity

What sort of personality does your character have? What do they believe in? This is determined by their alignment and deity. You can pick an alignment that suits a particular class or just pick one you like! A good hint for role playing your character is to pick an alignment very opposite to your own feelings. That makes it a lot easier and a lot more fun!

5. Invent a description

What does your character look like? Are they a boy or girl? What is their name? What sort of clothes do they wear? Once you have some good ideas, it’s fun to draw a picture. Or you can do an image search. If you find a good one, upload it to the site so your character has a photo!

Write a back story

This is where role playing comes in! Decide what your character’s past was like. This will be incorporated into the story as your character explores their background. Some sample back stories are listed below.

And there you go! Now all you have to do is start playing!


Character 1

Daughter of explorer. Explorer left when daughter was 6 and never came back. Daughter has map of how to get to Counsel of Ancients: explorer party hide-out. Would like to search for missing Dad and try to find out what happened. If Dad is dead, would like to find his magic sword Elante.

Character 2

Lived in a peaceful village until 10. Group of raiders came in and took over the town, killing the stronger men and raping the women. Despot still rules by fear with a gang of evil men who are lazy and not really very accomplished swordsmen. Character escaped when 14 with a large sum of money he stole from the village despot. Trained at tournament school. Would like to go back and free his village from the despot and his men.

Character 3

Child was found on doorstep, wrapped in a blanket made from golden fleece. Prosperous villagers took child in, raising as their own. Child has shown remarkable aptitude. Family told child truth and sent child to tournament school. Child has blanket and would like to find out what happened.

Character 4

Great Grandfather was a wealth merchant in the city of Blackstone. When the dragon attacked the city, the family left with only the cloths on their backs and has never returned. They still have the key to their mansion, passed down from Father to Son. Mother died when boy was young. Father recently remarried and has donated the dowry to send child to tournament school. Child would like to investigate Blackstone and their family mansion.

Character 5

Child grew up in a family with a long standing feud. Older brother was killed when found with daughter of enemy family. Sent to tournament school in order to ensure revenge. Child would like to end feud one way or another.

Character 6

Character grew up in a well to do banker family. Family and child fully intended to stay in banking and enjoy the luxuries of a wealthy life. However, one night father saw a ghost that demanded child pursue a life of adventure and seek a large yellow gem with a cat eye. No one knows anything about this gem. The ghost promised a curse to the family if the gem was not found within the year. The year went by, and suddenly misfortune struck. Mother became ill. The bank lost large sums of money. The family is now sending the child to tournament school in the hope of satisfying the curse. However, father was just recently injured by falling stonework, and now lives in constant pain. Child would like to solve the mystery of the yellow cat eye gem and the family curse.

A New Character

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