Sir Daggonnet, the Arrogant

Never tell Sir Daggonnet the odds. Five against one is fair!


HP: 22
Armor points: 8
AC: 3 (Chain Armor w/out a Sheild)
Ability Scores:
Strength: 18
Intelligence: 7
Wisdom: 12
Dexterity: 8
Constitution: 18
Charisma: 10
- Pole Arm (Partisan) = 1d8+4
- Crossbow = 1d6+0
- Short Sword = 1d6+4
- Flask (Holy Water) = 1d8+4 vs Undead and Fiends
- Fist = 1d2+4

Saving Throws:
- Fortitude = 13
- Will = 17
- Reflex = 17
- Presence = 16

Fighter Abilites:
- Force Expose: Grants an ally +1 to hit against an enemy you just successfully attacked.
- Defense Stance: Grants +2 AC during the first in a combat in which you weren’t surprised.
- Medic: Allows you to heal yourself or another by 2 hp per level of experience per day.
- Defense Roll: You may give up your first attack of a round to avoid being surprise attacked.
- Launched Attack: Grants +2 to hit on the first round in which you have surprise.

Non-Standard Possesions:
- Hunting Horn
- Large Silver Shield (Reflective)
- Book of Grudges (worn around neck on a chain)
- Shard of Screaming Woman Mirror

Sir Daggonnet grew up without a proper home. He and his father Sir Alrick, a shamed knight, traveled frequently selling their services to local lords. His mother died in childbirth. Under his father’s tutelage, Daggonnet learned to trust sword and sheild above all else; this helped him cope with the loneliness inherent to a life on the road. When his father fell ill to a mysterious sickness (none could identify what it was) and died Daggonnet continued his sell-sword practices for a few years before getting into the adventuring business. Daggonnet distains the use of the new-fangled black powder weaponry that is becoming more common these days, trusting proven steel and simple arrows rather than more conventional weaponry. He is also suspicious of magic and its practitioners, in part because he has no understanding of it. And that scares him. In honor of his late father, Daggonnet maintains the codes of Chivalry that Alrick held so dear. He also keeps a book of grudges, recording every transgression made against him by another; planning his revenge on these individuals. Daggonnet is deeply loyal to his companions, and would sacrifice himself in a heartbeat if it meant saving other members of the group. He is especially protective of women (including non-human elves, halflings, etc) doing everything he can to keep them out of harms way, often offering himself as an alternative choice for a dangerous activity. Although he maintains a knights code and idolizes them, Sir Daggonnet was never trained or equipped in the way befitting a proper knight. His combat training focused on the Partisan, as mounted opponents were common to his line of work and these Pole Arms were easier to become proficient with than swords. He wears chain instead of the lavish plate, and can’t even afford a warhorse. This has not deterred him though; for he is honest, loyal, and brave, knightly qualities if there ever were.

Sir Daggonnet, the Arrogant

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