Private Beekman


Private Beekman has beady eyes and a large noise that gives his voice a nasal, whiny tone. Or maybe it is his disposition in life that gives him a whiny tone. Sargeant Vettles seems to work Private Beekman extra hard, and Vettles pet guard dog (Sam) tends to follow Beekman around.

In spite of Private Beekman’s serious disposition people have a hard time taking him seriously. The man seems to be the type of person that will always be the last one picked when choosing kick ball teams. He talks about being around money sometime in the past. He speaks fondly of the shimmer of silver and gold.

Players met Private Beekman while training under Sargeant Vettles during Session03. Private Beekman stole several items from the characters and hid them in the latrine. The characters discovered their missing goods after getting assigned latrine duty for suggesting to Sargeant Vettles that the trainees should go to the banquet for Sonnette.


Private Beekman

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