Pockets (aka Uncle Pockets) acts like he drinks far too much caffeine, though he doesn’t drink any. The skinny old man jumps at the slightest noise or motion. He is as gentle as a dove. He seems to care a great deal for the party, especially little Lily.

Probably a mystic of some kind. May also have skills with Woodcraft and as a Alchemist.

Update: After the group returned with a number of interesting artifacts from a mysterious study, Pockets told the group he is a mystic under the strictest promise of secrecy. His very life would be in danger if anyone discovered him or his training. He also warned the group not to pursue magic training, explaining that it would destroy their lives if they did. If anyone approached them about mystic training, they should all run far away!


Pockets was an original member of the team of adventurers that included Lily Marvis mother.

Pockets has a cat named Thimble that might be a familiar. Thimble is bold and aggressive, just the opposite of Pockets.


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