An orphan from Roustein, Nimble is a brash, but light-hearted sticky-fingered human who as aspirations of becoming a thief.


Abilities: 16, 6, 6, 18, 10, 14
Nimble intends to focus on training in the Thieves Guild, though he has currently trained in the Tournament Guild.


Abandoned as a small boy on the streets of Roustein, Nimble was raised in a local orphanage until but 10 years of age. Nimble had no recollection of his parents, and but was found with nothing but a simple silver ring, chained around his neck, with letters inscribed in a language no one in Roustein seemed to be able to translate. The orphanage was closed, and Nimble was put on the street, forced to steal to survive. It was then that he realized his special knack for the more subtle arts, and made quite a name for himself with the local shopkeeps. This name was one he chose for himself: Nimble, on account of his sticky fingers and conniving brain. He saw his opportunity to get off the streets through adventuring, trying to make enough money to go to school and improve his skills in the more devious arts.


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