Gray Elf Air Bender



Aeo is a Gray Elf of medium build, but more on the shorter side. She has long brown hair and wears standard clothing with some ornamental jewelry.

Alignment: Air
Deity: Aerdrie Faenya

Strength – 16
Intelligence – 10
Wisdom – 7
Dexterity – 18
Constitution – 7
Charisma – 18

Hit points – 6 armor 14 health

Weapon – Staff


I grew up in a secluded mountain village with my parents. For some reason a human couple moved to our small elven village many years ago. My parents befriended them and our families grew close. One day while they were in the forest a big storm hit and they were struck by lightning. I am suspicious that the lightning may not have been natural and I’m determined to find out why they were killed and by whom.


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