Human Mystic


I woke up a year ago, appearing to be about 19 or 20, remembering nothing of my past. I was taken in by a kind old couple who found me when I awoke in the middle of a field and walked into town. They were kind enough to send me to tournament school. All I have are the clothes I was wearing and a strange silver amulet in a shape I don’t recognize. I want to discover my past and the meaning of the amulet.

An old woman named Eden told me that I look like a 19-year-old young woman named Melitta Valen she knew as a little girl and that I had lived in a tribe next to her that possessed a simple wooden chalice that supposedly had the ability to give eternal life. Talking with her about this gave me a flash of memory. I recalled my tribe encouraging me to do something with the chalice while my parents looked on worriedly.


Roustein Colossus Ava