To Be Determined

The session begins with the characters completing schooling in Maldon (some characters school near Westwall). In Maldon, a group of crusaders beg the characters to join their quest to rescue the small farming village of Tallow from a rash of gnoll attacks. Arriving late into Tallow, the group lodged in the spacious temple of Celestian, God of stars, space, and wanderers. The town seemed far too small to hold such a large and magnificent temple. That night, the group experienced vivid dreams about adventures in distant times and places.

Fawkes dreamed the party was attempting to recover a magical sword, named Vladreehm, for a sponsor. The dream started with a clue: A man named Toothless Gypsy had asked about a hypothetical price for Vladreehm. Toothless could be found at the Pug’s Mug. Leaving a message for Toothless at the Mug generated a reply delivered through the bar tender: Toothless would meet the party at sundown inside the Pickled Apothecary, a small shop in a narrow alley within a maze of narrow alleys.

The group decided to case the place ahead of time. Nimble started exploring the alley. He immediately became suspicious of an old


Colossus Colossus

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