Into the Manor

Into the Manor


Returning: Xeratheustra, Monk; Fawkes, Druid; Aeo, Air Elf; Sir Daggonnet, Fighter; Nimble, Thief
Missing: Lily Marvis, halfling; Eugene Zimmerman, Ent; Argomir, hobbit; Marc Son, Fire Elf;
Dino Zibowski, Bard; Presto, Mystic; Thor, Fighter; Ava, Mystic

Main Encounters

Screaming Hall
Room of Fear
Locked door
Torture Chamber
Bedroom with Draining Red liquid
Spare Parts
Room with Battle scene Tapestries, saddle and girdle
Love letters, mural
Bedroom cloths
Slippery Bath

Inside the Manor, a group of 5 adventures press on despite the absence of many of their companions. After setting up an effective mapping system, the group began to explore. One of their first discoveries was a peculiar mirror under a tarp, the only thing that you saw when looking into the mirror was a stunningly realistic screaming women. After some breif study, Sir Daggonet resolved to shatter the mirror with his weapon pommel. This silenced the women, and Daggonnet kept a shard of the mirror (just in case). The party was beset by random wolf attacks throughout their delvings, and while these never resulted in fatalities, they were extremely annoying. The next room of note had strange portraits that caused viewers to hallucinate and beleive a demon was in the room. The group decided to leave this one alone for now. One door was triple locked, and despite many attempts, would not yeild to the groups efforts to pick it. So we left it for another time. A vast torture chamber was found. Only one of its prisoners was left alive, a pilgrim from the main group which granted the adventurer’s shelter in previous sessions. After freeing him and providing some healing, the party was beset upon by wolves; and some of the chains in the chamber animated to add to the peril. The battle was fierce, but the party won the day. Only one member slipped unconcious, and she was quickly revived by the monk (nels). Next was a lavish bedroom, steeped in a crimson tone. The color seemed to drain from it and form itself into a single mass (which looked very much like blood). The monk communicated with the stange mass, and after imbibing some of its form, gained a permanent increase to his constitution. The next 3 rooms, for the most part, were filled with junk. By that I mean: Tapestries, spare equipment, a saddle, a girdle, and some love letters (which may or may not be of SOME use). One thing of note in the love letter room was a peculiar mural which fascinated all who looked upon it. Some pary memebers had to be dragged out of the room to lift the spell. During its searchings, the group did find some semi-valuable merchandise, most prevalent were fine clothing items. Lastly the group discoverd a large bath room (not to be confused with a “bathroom” as this place was like a hot tub spa, not a lavatory). The water was super heated so that it was dangerous to draw close to. But after some time spent “fishing” the rogue was able to draw out some silver jewelry from the bottome of the tub. After one more infuriating encounter with wolves, the group headed for the surface to heal up for its next delve and check out some of the portraits they might have missed in previous rooms. While doing this, the group returned the tortured man to his friends/family and recieved a small monetary reward. Also, these 5 adventurers progressed to level 3!


Colossus Jacksonator

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