Renegade Kobolds


Returning: Lily Marvis, halfling ; Dino Zibowski, Bard ; Ava, Mystic ; Argomir, hobbit ; Fawkes, Monk ; Aeo, Air Elf (7 Challenges)
New Players: Quinn Son, Thief ; Rasmus, Water Elf ; Nels son, Mystic ; Xeratheustra, Bard ; Sir Daggonnet, Fighter
Missing Players: Presto, Mystic ; Eugene Zimmerman, Ent ; Sitka Sky, Mystic ; Genevive, Cleric ; Thor, Fighter

  • Note: there are 4 Mystics and 2 Bards, but only 2 fighters, 1 thief, 1 cleric


After speaking with Pockets(or Uncle Pockets as some of the characters decided he should be called), Pockets suggested role playing the attack on the Renegade Kobolds. The group played the Kobolds and the DM played the characters. After the DM destroyed half the Kobolds but took serious damage in the process, the group was ready to go it “in real life”. The group managed to get across two pit traps and found themselves in a “chimney” room. Kobolds were waiting on the other side and an entrance was below. Part of the group attacked the below entrance while the rest of the group covered the group of Kobolds across the room with bows and blow guns.

It turns out another group of Kobolds were waiting below and a fierce Kobold battle ensued. One character fell, but was quickly tended. Eventually the party won out over the renegade band of Kobolds. A secret door was discovered and a ladder that was used to carry their wounded comrade outside and up into “Uncle Pocket’s” tree house known as Counsel of Ancients. Uncle Pockets quickly served a round of tea and a healing potion and sat down with thimble in his lap, eager to hear the whole adventure.


Colossus Colossus

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