Puzzling Chambers


Returning: Lily Marvis, halfling ; Eugene Zimmerman, Ent ; Argomir, hobbit ; Aeo, Air Elf ; Quinn Son, Thief ; Nels girl, Mystic ; Sir Daggonnet, Fighter (16 Challenges)
New Players: Marc Son, Fire Elf
Missing Players: Dino Zibowski, Bard ; Presto, Mystic ; Sitka Sky, Mystic ; Genevive, Cleric ; Thor, Fighter; Ava, Mystic ; Fawkes, Monk ; Xeratheustra, Bard ; Rasmus, Water Elf ; Xeratheustra, Bard


Even though the group found their days in the Counsel of Ancients rest full and relaxing, they wanted to find the Kobold treasure. After destroying the majority of the Renegade Kobold’s the group had retreated back to the Counsel to recover from their wounds. The rumored treasure, now potentially unguarded, might find legs and wander away. The group reluctantly gathered their gear and headed back down through the covered pit trap into the dungeons below. To their surprise, a bloated beetle was ravishing the dead remains of their prior battle. The beetle erupted a red, noxious gas that caused all but Eugene Zimmerman the Twiggle to fall back unconscious. Eugene was still making his way down the ladder into the dungeon, complaining about no one caring to wait a minute or two for the tree. But in seeing the party prone and the beetle approaching, the Twiggle took rapid (if reluctant) action and cleaved the beetles head right between the mandibles with his mighty sword, killing it instantly.

After the party was revived, the group explored the secret stairway they had found earlier. The secret stair lead to an abandoned room with a floor that had collapsed into another, older room below it. Aeo jumped down lightly into the lower and older room to investigate, but the floor began to lower as soon as she touched the ground. The party threw Aeo a rope, but watched as the elf grew distant. The floor stopped lowering at 60 feet. Two exits to the chamber were observed. One at 30 feet that goes away as the floor keeps sinking; and one at 60 feet.

The rest of the party decided to explore the newly discovered doorway sixty feet below them. Ropes were arranged and a slow, careful descent began. This time the group waited for Eugene before proceeding down the newly discovered hallway. The group discovered a puzzling room of magical floating tiles. They managed to solve the puzzle and cross the room into another doorway. Here they navigated a tilting passage that deposited them through a one way door.

Now they were trapped. The chamber had no exits. A door was apparent, but sealed by a puzzle. The group wrestled for some time over this puzzle, but managed to solve it and unseal the door. This lead into a study full of interesting stuff, but once again no exits. Here the party spent some time investigating several unusual items, only one of which turned out to be dangerous. A large book that had been left in a drawer attacked Sir Daggonnet who collapsed. The party did find a valuable ring and necklace and a pacifist map.

Finally the party realized one of the pictures in the room allowed them to teleport out into a cave shown in the picture. Fortunately this was a cave they had been in before, one located near the Counsel of Ancients. Unfortunately this cave was a den for several badgers. After a prolonged battle, the weakened party managed to destroy the pair of Badgers. The rest of the party teleported to the cave, including the unconscious Sir Daggonnet, and climbed up into the safety of the Counsel and Pocket’s company. Pocket looked over the items they discovered and gave them a strict warning about training to be a mystic.

Treasure hunt

After several more days of rest, the group once again ventured into the Kobold lair intent on discovering the hidden treasure. Traveling through the dreary passages, the group did find the hidden treasure. But there were several more battles with Kobolds and another large beetle. The group once again returned to the Counsel to rest and secure their new treasure of 17 bars of silver. They now had enough treasure to pay for schooling. However, the party wanted to press on just a little more. There was still a passage they had found but failed to explore.

Things did not go as well for them this time. The unexplored passage lead back to the room with the sealed portal and the puzzle. Here they opened the portal and returned to the study. This time they tried the other picture frame. This teleported them to an old mansion full of magic. They found a room with magical portraits, some of which caused some problems. But they had no way back. As soon as desperation settled in, Pockets appeared. It seemed he had grown worried about the group. He brought the group together and demonstrated considerable arcane magic by teleporting the group back to the counsel.

School at Westwall Keep

The group decided they would travel back to Westwall and train with Sergeant Vettles, Sheriff Tall, or the Monks. While training, the group met Private Beekman, Sonnette, and discovered a secret passageway by becoming one with nature. Sonnette suggested they might want to travel to Roustine. The group also met Sir Tipkraft, who told them to bring him the map they had found and mentioned to him.

Schooling cost xxx sp, paid for with y silver bars.


I made a rough flying city page.

Puzzling Chambers
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