To Be Determined

The session begins with the characters completing schooling in Maldon (some characters school near Westwall). In Maldon, a group of crusaders beg the characters to join their quest to rescue the small farming village of Tallow from a rash of gnoll attacks. Arriving late into Tallow, the group lodged in the spacious temple of Celestian, God of stars, space, and wanderers. The town seemed far too small to hold such a large and magnificent temple. That night, the group experienced vivid dreams about adventures in distant times and places.

Fawkes dreamed the party was attempting to recover a magical sword, named Vladreehm, for a sponsor. The dream started with a clue: A man named Toothless Gypsy had asked about a hypothetical price for Vladreehm. Toothless could be found at the Pug’s Mug. Leaving a message for Toothless at the Mug generated a reply delivered through the bar tender: Toothless would meet the party at sundown inside the Pickled Apothecary, a small shop in a narrow alley within a maze of narrow alleys.

The group decided to case the place ahead of time. Nimble started exploring the alley. He immediately became suspicious of an old

Into the Manor
Into the Manor


Returning: Xeratheustra, Monk; Fawkes, Druid; Aeo, Air Elf; Sir Daggonnet, Fighter; Nimble, Thief
Missing: Lily Marvis, halfling; Eugene Zimmerman, Ent; Argomir, hobbit; Marc Son, Fire Elf;
Dino Zibowski, Bard; Presto, Mystic; Thor, Fighter; Ava, Mystic

Main Encounters

Screaming Hall
Room of Fear
Locked door
Torture Chamber
Bedroom with Draining Red liquid
Spare Parts
Room with Battle scene Tapestries, saddle and girdle
Love letters, mural
Bedroom cloths
Slippery Bath

Inside the Manor, a group of 5 adventures press on despite the absence of many of their companions. After setting up an effective mapping system, the group began to explore. One of their first discoveries was a peculiar mirror under a tarp, the only thing that you saw when looking into the mirror was a stunningly realistic screaming women. After some breif study, Sir Daggonet resolved to shatter the mirror with his weapon pommel. This silenced the women, and Daggonnet kept a shard of the mirror (just in case). The party was beset by random wolf attacks throughout their delvings, and while these never resulted in fatalities, they were extremely annoying. The next room of note had strange portraits that caused viewers to hallucinate and beleive a demon was in the room. The group decided to leave this one alone for now. One door was triple locked, and despite many attempts, would not yeild to the groups efforts to pick it. So we left it for another time. A vast torture chamber was found. Only one of its prisoners was left alive, a pilgrim from the main group which granted the adventurer’s shelter in previous sessions. After freeing him and providing some healing, the party was beset upon by wolves; and some of the chains in the chamber animated to add to the peril. The battle was fierce, but the party won the day. Only one member slipped unconcious, and she was quickly revived by the monk (nels). Next was a lavish bedroom, steeped in a crimson tone. The color seemed to drain from it and form itself into a single mass (which looked very much like blood). The monk communicated with the stange mass, and after imbibing some of its form, gained a permanent increase to his constitution. The next 3 rooms, for the most part, were filled with junk. By that I mean: Tapestries, spare equipment, a saddle, a girdle, and some love letters (which may or may not be of SOME use). One thing of note in the love letter room was a peculiar mural which fascinated all who looked upon it. Some pary memebers had to be dragged out of the room to lift the spell. During its searchings, the group did find some semi-valuable merchandise, most prevalent were fine clothing items. Lastly the group discoverd a large bath room (not to be confused with a “bathroom” as this place was like a hot tub spa, not a lavatory). The water was super heated so that it was dangerous to draw close to. But after some time spent “fishing” the rogue was able to draw out some silver jewelry from the bottome of the tub. After one more infuriating encounter with wolves, the group headed for the surface to heal up for its next delve and check out some of the portraits they might have missed in previous rooms. While doing this, the group returned the tortured man to his friends/family and recieved a small monetary reward. Also, these 5 adventurers progressed to level 3!

Outside the Manor

The session began with Nimble alone in a room and the rest of the group back with Pockets. Pockets had run out of his supplies of healing ingredients, meaning the group would need to rest for a few days. Fortunately, nimble had a weeks worth of supplies and he never missed his sanity saving throw. But Aeo had ruined her armor and wanted to get it fixed. So the group decided to head to the keep.
On the way to the keep, they were attacked by a group of Orcs riding large pig like animals. The orcs were carrying bows and spears, and looked quiet formidible. The group managed to escape to the keep grounds safely. The group found the village to be agitated over the orcs. It seems the orcs had hung a wood cutter for having trespassed into their territory. The man could be seen hanging from a tree, just 100 yards across the boundary line. Sherriff tall nadnhis hands full keeping the villagers from attempting to attacks the orcs. But the boundary and treaty was created in the first place to keep the peace. The good sheriff argued that the orcs had the right to police their territory any way they wanted.
At the keep, Aeo repaired her armor and with Sherriff Tall’s advice paid two silver bars to the Orcs for safe passage back through the forest.
The group arrived back in the manor, and started exploring more. They found more portraits and continued to remain fascinated with the magical properties of the portraits.
Between the potions pockets was able to put together and eugenes woodcrafting, the party was able to return to full heal and return to the mansion.
They met Eden, a bent old woman who they later found to be an ancient old woman. Ava learned some things about her history. It turns out, Eden knew Ava when Eden was a little girl. At that time, Eden was about the same age she is now. Ava,s name is melita valon. It seems vas clan had
The group met the rest of Eden’s clan, and met a group of pilgrims as well. One of the pilgrims, Bob, took the group to see the Oracle and the Ancient library. Here the group found out about the Bard school located across the plaza from the library. They returned to the manor in hopes of finding enough treasure to send everyone back to school.

IMPORTANT META GAME: We made an appointment for the Oracle and when we each go to see the Oracle, we will be able to choose what she tells our character. The way you do so is by choosing a song that will represent your situation. HOWEVER, be aware of any negativity in songs, because those are bound to happen as well. So choose wisely. :]

Estechan and the Haunted Mansion

18 total challenges, characters: Xerathustra (18), Aeo (18), Presto (18), Thor (18), Lily (18), Nimble (18), Sire Daggonnet (18), Eugene (6)

Secret Tunnel

The session started with a couple of meetings. Sir Tipkraft asked Lily to join him in forming a secret Alchemistry guild. He showed her an impressive alchemistry studio there in the castle grounds and mentioned the unique skills of the halfling would be valuable. He offered to train any of the characters that wanted to learn the secret arts of Alchemistry. Furthermore, Sir Daggonet was called in to visit with Captain Nievette. The Captainwanted to know about Pockets. Sir Daggonet claimed ignorance. The Captain mentioned a bounty set years before for Pockets capture. He was a convicted murderer. The bounty offered a price and a place in the Count’s Court. The beautiful Sonnette herself strives for justice in this matter. The Captain requested that Sir Daggonet lead a troupe of soldiers to the outcropping the next time he planned to travel there.

The group started out exploring the secret tunnel. The tunnel entrance was in Orc territory, outside of the “civilized” lands East of Westwall Keep, so they had to be stealthy. Reaching the hidden opening, they removed the covering and climbed down into the tunnel. After travelling a dozen yards or so, Lily thought she saw a trap. The characters managed to find the key for this trap, and proceeded down the tunnel only to be blocked by a locked grating. This lock eluded their skills.

They decided to ask Private Beekman to help them. He, of course, whined about his stuff getting thrown in the latrine and whined about the dangers he would have to face. But he eventually agreed to do it on three conditions: 1. they clean his stuff, 2. they give him their gold ring, 3. they thrown their own stuff in the latrine. In true cooperative spirit, Nimble agreed to his vindictive conditions and the whole group set out in the evening hours for the secret tunnel. Beekman seemed to have no trouble with the locks and traps. The party quickly travelled through the long tunnel, suspicious that they might be travelling all the way back to Westwall.

The tunnel finally ended with a long stairway climbing up into a large chamber. Here the party was surprised to find two Ogre guards. The party was able to overcome the Ogres. But soon after dealing with the Ogres they noticed Beekman had left through a doorway. The party chased down Beekman, determined to keep him in their sight. But the room Beekman traveled through caught their attention. This room was a military strategy room with maps and solder figures. But the strategy seemed to be the fall of Westwall Keep!

Beekman was in the room beyond the planning room, looking at a mural of dining Ogres. In spite of the mural, the room was a torture chamber. Prison cells lined one wall, rubbish lined another. Aeo investigated the cells, and used gust of wind to push back a covering to reveal a sleeping prisoner in one of the cells. Questioning the poor broken man, all they could get out of him was: West fall fall fall. Fest i val val val. The party was becoming more suspicious. But then two wild boars came running into the room, leading a group of Orcs and another Ogre.

The door was slammed shut against the Orcs, and a long battle against the boars took place while Beekman attempted to open a secret door he found in one of the prison cells. Aeo and Eugene Zimmerman attempted to stop him, but he managed to stab Aeo with a poisoned needle and Eugene had been wounded. After several attempts Beekman managed to get through the door and into the chamber beyond. Meanwhile, the Ogre finally broke through the door and began attacking the now significantly wounded group. Fortunately the calvary had arrived in the form of Sheriff Tall and Sergeant Vettles. They were cutting down the Orcs while the group was attempting to break through the door. With the help of the Ent and master swordsman, the attackers were over come without any loss of life. The group looked through the bodies and recovered 120 silver pieces.

A bewildered exchange of information started at this point between the Sergeant, Sherrif, and the group. Fortunately, the Sheriff and Sergeant were able to heal some of the wounded while questioning the group about the situation. Private Beekman was not mentioned, but the rest of the story stayed faithful. Everyone agreed someone was staging an attack on the keep. The secret room Beekman disappeared into was searched. It contained four large chests and a shaft with a ladder leading up to a locked grating. Back in the torture chamber, another door was found behind the rubble leading to a room with armor and shields all displaying the Westwall standard. As the Sheriff and Sergeant were examining this large collection of armor, another Ogre attacked, this time from the secret room Private Beekman had disappeared into.

After a round of combat, the Sheriff and Sergeant joined the fray. The Ogre cast a cone of cold against the two, but they dodged the attempt to the Ogre’s doom. The enraged Sheriff towered over the Ogre and tore him nearly head to stern. Though the final blow was dealt by Thor who was successful at killing three of the four Ogres that night.

Unfortunately for the party, they were lead back out into the night and placed in the brig. They saw no treasure, reward, or sign of Beekman. They did get a suspicious message from a travelling tinker several days later once they were cleared from the brig. The message contained instructions for contacting someone in Roustein through a secret signal. It turns out Estechan was missing along with a considerable portion of his treasure. The four large chests also contained money, which Sir Tipkraft and later Count Chestfield laid claim to on behalf of Bourgeoisie Estechan.

Back to visit Pockets

Once getting out of jail, the group discussed their next steps: Roustein and magic school? Thief Guild? Back to the Haunted Mansion? Since the characters lacked the maturity to go back to school, the consensus lead them back to the Counsel of Ancients. Here they asked Pockets about being a wanted criminal. He reminded them of his warning against magic, because he was guilty of murder and it was a direct result of being trained in magic. It is his greatest regret in life. The group also discussed the secret passage and Estechan. Pockets suggested they should be given a reward for saving the keep.

The party had left one member back at the keep. They returned for Sir Daggonet and decided to ask Sergeant Vettles about a reward. He agreed they were due a reward, but suggested they might not want to bring it up. It was up to Sir Tipkraft and unless he had a good reason to give them something, he would probably keep the money himself.

Haunted Mansion

The party decided to touch the second picture in the underground office and teleport back to the Haunted Mansion and attempt to find a returning picture of some kind. Pockets suggested a return teleport was likely, they would just need to find it. Pockets gave them a special handkerchief they could use to signal him, just in case something went wrong.

Arriving in the dark and damp mansion, they began to explore with the focus of finding a return portal. The first room they entered contained three zombie maids and an endless tea party. There was some strange sparkling stuff in their tea. After refusing to join their party, the zombies attacked the party, though unsuccessfully. The party searched for anything that might be a return teleport (portkey?) and found a few interesting things, but no teleport.

The party returned to the first room they arrived in and searched it more carefully. Here they found a secret door. The room behind the secret door contained a number of interesting items, including a picture of the little office that was the return teleport device they were looking for. (Also wooden globe, dancing bear umbrella holder) They now had the means to travel as needed between the Counsel of Ancients and the Haunted Mansion.

They returned to the mansion, and wandered into the next room. Here they found another zombie, this time the janitor or building engineer as he insisted to be called. Here they also found a partial map of the grounds around the building. The next room was a portrait gallery full of magic paintings. There was also a ghoul here gnawing mystery meat. They were able to dispose of the horrible ghoul and get a +1 dagger. The party then began investigating the magical pictures. Fortunately, many of the pictures benefited the party. Unfortunately, not all of the pictures were beneficial. Nimble the thief was sent off to some room in the mansion and stuck there.

After the gallery, the group explored a series of rooms, a pit trap, and a secret door in the back of a wardrobe. (Sorry, no endless winter). The secret door lead into a Mead Hall full of cobwebs. The group discovered more zombies and the spiders responsible for the cobwebs. At this point everyone was dangerously wounded and the party decided to return to Pockets. They hauled off a large, heavy silver shield and temporarily abandoned the thief.

Pending Issues

  • Nimble is still stuck somewhere in the Haunted Mansion
  • Argomir still looking for pirates that kidnapped his family
  • Ava would like to know about her past
  • Lily would like to know who killed her parents, why, and where they took the family heirloom (magic chain mail, hobbit sized)
  • Eugene thinks Sheriff tall might know something about the destroyed forest
  • Aeo would like to know why her parents were killed by lightning
  • Fawkes would like to know who kidnapped her little sister and why
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    Puzzling Chambers


    Returning: Lily Marvis, halfling ; Eugene Zimmerman, Ent ; Argomir, hobbit ; Aeo, Air Elf ; Quinn Son, Thief ; Nels girl, Mystic ; Sir Daggonnet, Fighter (16 Challenges)
    New Players: Marc Son, Fire Elf
    Missing Players: Dino Zibowski, Bard ; Presto, Mystic ; Sitka Sky, Mystic ; Genevive, Cleric ; Thor, Fighter; Ava, Mystic ; Fawkes, Monk ; Xeratheustra, Bard ; Rasmus, Water Elf ; Xeratheustra, Bard


    Even though the group found their days in the Counsel of Ancients rest full and relaxing, they wanted to find the Kobold treasure. After destroying the majority of the Renegade Kobold’s the group had retreated back to the Counsel to recover from their wounds. The rumored treasure, now potentially unguarded, might find legs and wander away. The group reluctantly gathered their gear and headed back down through the covered pit trap into the dungeons below. To their surprise, a bloated beetle was ravishing the dead remains of their prior battle. The beetle erupted a red, noxious gas that caused all but Eugene Zimmerman the Twiggle to fall back unconscious. Eugene was still making his way down the ladder into the dungeon, complaining about no one caring to wait a minute or two for the tree. But in seeing the party prone and the beetle approaching, the Twiggle took rapid (if reluctant) action and cleaved the beetles head right between the mandibles with his mighty sword, killing it instantly.

    After the party was revived, the group explored the secret stairway they had found earlier. The secret stair lead to an abandoned room with a floor that had collapsed into another, older room below it. Aeo jumped down lightly into the lower and older room to investigate, but the floor began to lower as soon as she touched the ground. The party threw Aeo a rope, but watched as the elf grew distant. The floor stopped lowering at 60 feet. Two exits to the chamber were observed. One at 30 feet that goes away as the floor keeps sinking; and one at 60 feet.

    The rest of the party decided to explore the newly discovered doorway sixty feet below them. Ropes were arranged and a slow, careful descent began. This time the group waited for Eugene before proceeding down the newly discovered hallway. The group discovered a puzzling room of magical floating tiles. They managed to solve the puzzle and cross the room into another doorway. Here they navigated a tilting passage that deposited them through a one way door.

    Now they were trapped. The chamber had no exits. A door was apparent, but sealed by a puzzle. The group wrestled for some time over this puzzle, but managed to solve it and unseal the door. This lead into a study full of interesting stuff, but once again no exits. Here the party spent some time investigating several unusual items, only one of which turned out to be dangerous. A large book that had been left in a drawer attacked Sir Daggonnet who collapsed. The party did find a valuable ring and necklace and a pacifist map.

    Finally the party realized one of the pictures in the room allowed them to teleport out into a cave shown in the picture. Fortunately this was a cave they had been in before, one located near the Counsel of Ancients. Unfortunately this cave was a den for several badgers. After a prolonged battle, the weakened party managed to destroy the pair of Badgers. The rest of the party teleported to the cave, including the unconscious Sir Daggonnet, and climbed up into the safety of the Counsel and Pocket’s company. Pocket looked over the items they discovered and gave them a strict warning about training to be a mystic.

    Treasure hunt

    After several more days of rest, the group once again ventured into the Kobold lair intent on discovering the hidden treasure. Traveling through the dreary passages, the group did find the hidden treasure. But there were several more battles with Kobolds and another large beetle. The group once again returned to the Counsel to rest and secure their new treasure of 17 bars of silver. They now had enough treasure to pay for schooling. However, the party wanted to press on just a little more. There was still a passage they had found but failed to explore.

    Things did not go as well for them this time. The unexplored passage lead back to the room with the sealed portal and the puzzle. Here they opened the portal and returned to the study. This time they tried the other picture frame. This teleported them to an old mansion full of magic. They found a room with magical portraits, some of which caused some problems. But they had no way back. As soon as desperation settled in, Pockets appeared. It seemed he had grown worried about the group. He brought the group together and demonstrated considerable arcane magic by teleporting the group back to the counsel.

    School at Westwall Keep

    The group decided they would travel back to Westwall and train with Sergeant Vettles, Sheriff Tall, or the Monks. While training, the group met Private Beekman, Sonnette, and discovered a secret passageway by becoming one with nature. Sonnette suggested they might want to travel to Roustine. The group also met Sir Tipkraft, who told them to bring him the map they had found and mentioned to him.

    Schooling cost xxx sp, paid for with y silver bars.

    Renegade Kobolds


    Returning: Lily Marvis, halfling ; Dino Zibowski, Bard ; Ava, Mystic ; Argomir, hobbit ; Fawkes, Monk ; Aeo, Air Elf (7 Challenges)
    New Players: Quinn Son, Thief ; Rasmus, Water Elf ; Nels son, Mystic ; Xeratheustra, Bard ; Sir Daggonnet, Fighter
    Missing Players: Presto, Mystic ; Eugene Zimmerman, Ent ; Sitka Sky, Mystic ; Genevive, Cleric ; Thor, Fighter

    • Note: there are 4 Mystics and 2 Bards, but only 2 fighters, 1 thief, 1 cleric


    After speaking with Pockets(or Uncle Pockets as some of the characters decided he should be called), Pockets suggested role playing the attack on the Renegade Kobolds. The group played the Kobolds and the DM played the characters. After the DM destroyed half the Kobolds but took serious damage in the process, the group was ready to go it “in real life”. The group managed to get across two pit traps and found themselves in a “chimney” room. Kobolds were waiting on the other side and an entrance was below. Part of the group attacked the below entrance while the rest of the group covered the group of Kobolds across the room with bows and blow guns.

    It turns out another group of Kobolds were waiting below and a fierce Kobold battle ensued. One character fell, but was quickly tended. Eventually the party won out over the renegade band of Kobolds. A secret door was discovered and a ladder that was used to carry their wounded comrade outside and up into “Uncle Pocket’s” tree house known as Counsel of Ancients. Uncle Pockets quickly served a round of tea and a healing potion and sat down with thimble in his lap, eager to hear the whole adventure.

    first dungeon

    We created an imaginary dungeon (as kobolds) for John—I mean pockets to run as us. we got about half way through and decided that we just wanted to try the real dungeon out ourselves. we walked into the dungeon and after a while and some pit trap avoiding worked our way into a room consisting of a large pit. there were kobolds on the other side. those of us with melee weapons went down into the pit while those who had ranged weapons stay on the rim to shoot at the kobolds in case they came out to shoot at us. we got ourselves into a nasty fight down below and sir dagonet (jackson) had a near death experience. we fought the kobolds off and found our way to a ladder with which we were able to escape back to pockets.

    6 Challenges

    Discover Westwall

    After winning the tournament, the group decided to explore the distant village of Westfall and the adjacent Westwall Keep. Here the group met the Ent Sheriff Tall and his garden Ent Eugene Zimmerman. After failing to get into the keep, the party ventured out into the woods to find the rock. On the way, the group battled some dangerous Fire Beetles. Once they found the rock, they met some giant badgers there and renegade Kobolds. The session ended with the introduction of Pockets, a quiet hermit living in the giant trees near the Kobold outpost. It turns out Pockets knew Laura Marvis, Lily Marvis mother.


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